Extended Greek Mod

"...the Greeks could rule the world..."

Version 5.9.29 by DimeBagHo

About the Extended Greek Mod

This mod aims to give the Greek factions the same sort of depth that the Roman factions have in vanilla RTW, to improve historical accuracy, and to improve gameplay. Many new units have been added to the Greek factions, and other factions, along with new buildings, character traits, night battles, named legions, loyalty, culture, hordes, provincial campaigns, and much more. Combat with phalanx based armies has also been made much more challenging. I have tried to stay close to the "look and feel" of vanilla (unmodified) Rome - Total War, so this mod should appeal to people who like vanilla RTW, but who want to play a more developed version of the Greek factions. You really should read through this readme before starting a campaign so that you can make the most of the new features.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Drakon, Seleucos of Olympia, Zarax, zodmaner, Agathon, RedFox, Maraxus, Balikedes, Suppanut, LucretiusTC, Archbaker, Warmaster, CaesarVincens, and Athenogoras , for all of their help with XGM. Thanks to A31kiwi for maintaining the web site, and to Zarax for hosting the downloads. Thanks to AnastasioTheGreat for his Spartans, Greek Generals, and General's Horse, skins and models. Thanks to the Roma Surrectum team for their half-armoured horse model. Thanks to ngr for his Mundus Magnus map, and to Dr Fox, Hans Kloss, and GrimSta for getting it working with the new RTW patches. Thanks to Kos007 for his new banners and symbols for Macedon. Thanks to Archer for his Skymod, and to SignifierOne for his animation pack. Thanks to Darth Vader for his formations mod, and work on charge distance and fire delay settings. Thanks to Poliorcetes for some great historical material on hypaspists. Thanks to ferres, Pinarius, GODzilla, Prometheus, LaCa, and others, for their work on the Modding Legions Pack, and to Froggie5 for previously providing compatibility files. Thanks to Prometheus for permission to use his strat map city models. Thanks also to Prometheus and the Res Gestae team for permission to use some of the models and skins from Res Gestae. Thanks to player1 and Borsook for their heroic work in fixing bugs in vanilla RTW - most of their fixes have been included in XGM.

Thanks also to Epirote, meh_cd, Leonidas123, Mongoose, Marcus The Handsome, Wonderland, Dennis II, Epistolary Richard, killmore, Achillesxyz, DEMETRIOUS II, jjca, Whiskeyjack, ShrubMiK, saxonhero, hzh, bestantreas, Ahiga, Kara Kolyo, Seraphic Radiance, Poontang, Andrea69, Saturn, m1r4m4x, Venom, Germanicus91, Lusted, Stoneface, Xam Enyap, Locky, Hippias, Sirus, Geo, alagonios, foxtrot88, Jayzabala, Maced0n, craziii, Sammur-amat, JD XKiller, Ceki, swhunter, LittleWeiz, HopliteLysander, Cymera, scannerfish, Flavius Merobaudes, Randal, Tony83, Dom9127, Unknown Soldier, Dulce_et_Decorum_Est,Da Erobara, GREGORIOS TG, Centurion44, cherryfunk, Zephyr101, christof139, chris1974, supeerme, Poulp', Vercauteren Dogan, WaynehMarls, Lgk, Dsturbed, Icewingman, Deiphobos, Scutarii, Sebulba, Barend, atraps, Webba, Magister Equitum, TM Is Back, Scutarii, Cal20, orac, totalwarfreak123, htismaqe, Lycurgus the Lawgiver, Randal, Boriak, hakomar, Atzar, Tartaros, Silver Legionary, kostas84, Dog Fart, Diomede, Fouch, Ninefingers, knguyen_93, magraev, Spartan198, yiplong, a-woowie.doowie, Spacepup18, Celestial Oblivion, Agoraphobia, RonaldAniban, Sar1n, and everyone else who has helped out with ideas and bug spotting (sorry if I missed anyone).

Permissions: Everything made by me (DimeBagHo) is free to use in any way. If you plan to use anything in a publicly released mod then it would be nice to let me know, and give me credit, but this is not required. The Spartans, Greek Generals, and Greek General's Horses, made by AnastasioTheGreat are free for personal use, but may not be used in publicly released mods without express permission. To use anything created by other authors, like the Roman units for example, you should obtain permission directly from those authors.

Contact: If you have questions, comments, or find a bug, you can contact me at twcenter.net.

Donations: If you like XGM consider donating here.

Installing XGM

1. Start with a patched and unmodified install of RTW (version 1.5) or RTW:BI (version 1.6).
2. Run the XGM installer.
3. Run RTW using the XGM shortcut installed on your desktop.

Mod Folder: XGM installs to its own mod folder and does not change any of the original game files. You can use the XGM shortcut to run XGM, or the original RTW shortcut to run the unmodified game, and XGM will not interfere with any other mods.

Compatibility Notes:
  • XGM requires RTW 1.5 or RTW:BI 1.6 to work.
  • XGM requires an unmodified RTW data directory to work. It probably will not work if you have installed any mod that overwrites files in the RTW data directory.
  • Saved games from XGM 5.9.11 onwards will probably work with this version of XGM. Saved games from older versions will not work.
  • Non-XGM saved games will not work with XGM.
  • Multiplayer will only work if other players have the same version of XGM installed, with the same install options.
Install Options: When you run the XGM installer you will be presented with several options that affect game-play. You can change these by running the installer again. Warning: Changing certain install options will make your previously saved games unplayable or unstable. If you plan to continue a saved game, you must use the same exe that you started the campaign with, you should not change the landbridges setting, and you should not change the loyalty setting.
  • Use BI exe: This option will set up XGM to run with the Barbarian Invasion exe. The BI version of the exe offers several extra features that are not available with the original RTW exe including hording factions, swimming units, and some special formations like shield wall.
  • Use Alex exe: This option will set up XGM to run with the Alexander exe. This version of the exe lacks some of the features available in the BI version, but it has fewer bugs and the AI is better.
  • Use Steam: This option will set up XGM to run through Steam, if you have the Steam versions of RTW Gold or Alexander. Note: Using the BI with Steam requires some manual installation.
  • Fatigue: Fatigue causes units to become tired or exhausted over time during battle. Unfortunately the AI does not know how to manage the fatigue of its troops, so fatigue is switched off by default in XGM. You will be given an option to switch it on when you install XGM. Changes in the fatigue setting will only affect new campaigns.
  • Movement Rates: Battlefield movement rates are reduced by default, to make battles longer and more tactical. Reduced movement rates will cause units to tire more easily, so it is advisable to disable the reduced movement rates if you enable fatigue.
  • Landbridges: You will be given an option to add landbridges from Europe to Asia Minor, and from Europe to Africa, when you install XGM. This allows AI factions to move more easily between the two continents.
  • Reduced AI Bonuses: The AI factions recieve significant economic bonuses. This option allows you to reduce these bonuses. Campaigns will be somewhat easier with fewer battles.
  • Prometheus Cities: A set of improved models for Greek and Roman cities on the strategic map.
  • Loyalty: You have the option to activate loyalty for Rome, Carthage, and the Greek Cities. Note that activating loyalty can cause problems. See the General Guide for more details.
Unistalling XGM: You can uninstall XGM just by deleting the mod folder from your main RTW folder. If you need to find your main RTW folder you can do that by right clicking on an RTW desktop shortcut and selecting properties. The 'start in' folder will be your main RTW folder. When you install a new version of XGM any older version will automatically be removed.

Playing XGM

Before you start playing XGM, take a look at the General Guide to game-play changes and new features. You can also read about the factions in the Faction Guide.

Faction Units

Dozens of new units have been added in XGM, most of the fantasy units from vanilla RTW have been cut, and many of the original units have been revised for improved gameplay or historical accuracy. For an over-view of the units available to each faction, take a look at the Faction Guide, or try them out with in-game custom battles.

Here is a small sample of the new faction units you will encounter: Spartan Royal Guard, Spartan Phalangites, Macedonian Hypaspists, Greek Sacred Band, Athenian Hoplites, Baktrian Agema Hoplites, Argyraspide Legionaries, Kestros Slingers, Seleucid Gastraphetes, Greek Thorakitai, Ptolemaic Basilikon Guard, Ptolemaic Ethiopian Axemen, Ptolemaic Hetairoi, Greek Heavy Cavalry, Greek Armoured Cavalry, Parthian Companions, Carthaginian Sacred Band, Carthaginian Civic Heavy Infantry, Carthaginian Civic Light Infantry, Libyan Heavy Infantry, Libyan Light Infantry, Iberian Heavy Spearmen, Iberian Heavy Scutarii, German Chosen Axemen, Thracian Peltasts, Thracian Thorakitai, Thracian Noble Falxmen, Thracian Light Cavalry, Sabaean Temple Guard, Sabaean Heavy Spearmen, Sabaean Axemen, Sabaean Heavy Cavalry.

AOR Units (Area of Recruitment)

In addition to the new faction units, most regions also have local units that can be recruited by all (or most) factions. These include: (Italy) Italic Skirmishers, Italic Infantry, Italic Spearmen, recruitable by all civilised factions; (Tarentum) Tarantine Cavalry, recruitable by most factions; (Thrace and Dacia) Thracian Peltasts, Thracian Falxmen, Thracian Cavalry, recruitable by all factions; (Iberia) Iberian Spearmen, Iberian Infantry, Iberian Cavalry, recruitable by all factions, Iberian Caestrati, Iberian Heavy Infantry, recruitable by Carthage; (Palma) Balearic Slingers, recruitable by all factions; (Corsica and sardinia) Neuragic Skirmishers, Neuragic Warriors; (Rhodes) Rhodian Slingers, recruitable by all factions; (Crete) Cretan Archers, recruitable by all factions;(Illyria) Illyrian Peltasts, recruitable by all factions; (West Africa) Numidian Peltasts, Numidian Cavalry, Numidian Archers, recruitable by all factions; (East Africa) Nubian Spearmen, Nubian cavalry, Nubian Archers, Ethiopian Axemen, recruitable by all factions except the Ptolemies; (Hellenic regions) Peltasts, Thureophoroi, Hoplites, recruitable by all civilised factions; (Eastern regions) Sparabara, Hillmen, Heavy Cavalry, recruitable by all factions; (Eastern Steppe) Sparabara, Horse Archers, Heavy Cavalry; (Arabia) Arab Infantry, Arab cavalry, Bedouin Camel Archers, recruitable by all factions; (Cilicia) Cilician Pirates, recruitable by all factions; (Syria) Syrian Archersrecruitable by all factions(Media) Median Cavalry, recruitable by all factions. (Georgia) Georgian Swordsmen, recruitable by all factions; (Western Barbarian regions) Barbarian Cavalry, Barbarian Infantry, Barbarian Heavy Cavalry, recruitable by all civilised factions; (Briton) Woad Warriors, recruitable by Barbarian factions; (Galatia) Galatian Swordsmen, recruitable by all civilised factions; (Barbarian Steppe Regions) Scythian Horse Archers, Barbarian Cavalry, Scythian Lancers, recruitable by all factions;(India) Indian Spearmen, Indian Longbowmen, Indian Cavalry, and Indian War Elephants, recruitable by all factions.(Bactria) Bactrian Archers, Bactrian Horse Archers, and Bactrian Cavalry, recruitable by all factions.