Version History

XGM Version 5.9.28-29

-Minor installer improvements

XGM Version 5.9.27

-Added Suppanut's improved strat map cities
-Minor UI changes

XGM Version 5.9.16-26

-Bug Fixes

XGM Version 5.9.15

-Added AOR Pictish Skirmishers
-Added AOR Pictish Axemen
-Re-skinned Woad Warriors

XGM Version 5.9.14

-Fixed loyalty bug in Britannia Campaign

XGM Version 5.9.13

-Added Britannia Campaign
-Minor Bug Fixes

XGM Version 5.9.12

-Added Recruitable Barbarian Generals
-Added Gaesatae Mercenaries in Gaul
-Added fix for Vista Virtual Store

XGM Version 5.9.11

-Minor Bug Fixes

XGM Version 5.9.10

-Added AOR/Mercenary Asturian Axemen
-Revised Mercenary Pools

XGM Version 5.9.9

-Added Martial Law Buildings
-Bug Fixes

XGM Version 5.9.1-8

-Bug Fixes

XGM Version 5.9.0

-Added Ethnic Traits 2.6 by Suppanut
-Removed Velite and Samnite Galdiators
-Mirmillo Gladiators no longer recruitable
-Map changes (added city of Pelusium, reorganised Illyria, Epirus, and Crimea)

XGM Version 5.8.26

-Bug fixes

XGM Version 5.8.25

-Added new models and skins for Greek light cavalry units (mostly) made by ferres
-Renamed Greek cavalry units
-Added corrected unit descriptions by Lycurgus the Lawgiver

XGM Version 5.8.24

-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 5.8.23

-Added Roman Civil War / Julius Caesar campaign

XGM Version 5.8.22

-Naval combat is more decisive

-Increased cavalry charge bonuses
-Removed boiling oil from gates
-Reduced power of wall defenses
-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 5.8.21

-Fixed 1hp?option

XGM Version 5.8.20

-Add 1hp system as an option

-Tweaks for 2hp system
-Adjustments to some building bonuses

XGM Version 5.8.19

-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 5.8.18

-Tweaks for 2hp system

XGM Version 5.8.17

-Added new Scythian General model and skin
-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 5.8.16

-Added 2hp battle system
-Reverted missile accuracy to vanilla values
-Renamed Eastern Heavy Spearmen to Kardakes Spearmen
-Added new model and skins for Kardakes Spearmen
-Added Kardakes Swordsmen to Armenia and Pontus
-Added AOR Georgian Swordsmen
-Removed Eastern Legionaries
-Renamed Armenian Companions to Kinsmen

XGM Version 5.8.15

-Added Companions to Armenia
-Added Axemen to Armenia and Pontus
-Converted Hillmen to Skirmishers
-Removed Peltasts from Armenia and Pontus
-Added numerous minor settlements
-Reduced Hoplite radius
-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 5.8.14

-Added improved pathfinding by RedFox
-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 5.8.13

-Minor changes to Scythia campaign

-Installer revised

XGM Version 5.8.12

-Installer revised

XGM Version 5.8.11

-Added provincial campaign for Parthia and Scythia
-AI horse faction units remain large, but recruitment area is limited
-Player horse faction units are reduced to normal size

XGM Version 5.8.10

-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 5.8.9

-Installer revised

XGM Version 5.8.8

-Added Gallic Heavy Swordsmen, post-Marius unit to replace Gaesatae
-Added new model and skin for Chosen Swordsmen
-Added revised text files by Balikedes
-Installer revised to handle Steam installs

XGM Version 5.8.7

-Bug fix for missing massalia resource

XGM Version 5.8.6

-Added revised Ancillary and Traits files by Suppanut
-Added revised custom battle costs by Atraps
-Added new model for Galatian Swordsmen by Maraxus

-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 5.8.5

-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 5.8.4

-Added revised Ancillary and Traits files by Suppanut
-Added new Celto-Hellenic model and skin (made by Prometheus, for Res Gestae)
-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 5.8.3

-Minor Bug fixes
-Toned down special walls

XGM Version 5.8.2

-Removed skirmish ability from all heavy peltast units
-Revised formations for most factions

XGM Version 5.8.1

-Fixed Prometheus Cities option

XGM Version 5.8.0

-Added Suppanut's Ethnic Traits
-Saved games from older versions will not work

XGM Version 5.7.22

-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 5.7.21

-Revised GCS campaign

XGM Version 5.7.20

-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 5.7.19

-Added 'Minimal Borders' install option
-Added 'No Red Line' install option
-Added ML Roman unit cards
-Added ML Scipii skins
-Added Attica and Sicily custom battle locations
-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 5.7.18

-Added new models and skins for Greek phalangites
-Minor changes to skins for Macedonian phalangites
-Added Garrison scripts for Alexandria and Antioch
-Added Syracusan Hoplites

XGM Version 5.7.17

-Added Galatians campaign
-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 5.7.16

-Added Pergamon campaign by?CaesarVincens
-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 5.7.15

-Added Epirus campaign by?CaesarVincens
-Revised Large Stone Walls
-Revised Epic Stone Walls

XGM Version 5.7.14

-Added garrison script for Rome
-Added garrison script for Carthage

XGM Version 5.7.13

-Removed Italy-Sicily landbridge in Syracuse campaign

XGM Version 5.7.12

-Added Syracuse campaign
- Added Cyrenaica campaign
-Revised Massalia campaign
-Revised unique building bonuses
-Added Maccabean Revolt script

XGM Version 5.7.11

-Added Bosporan Kingdom campaign
-Added AOR Celto-Hellenic Hoplites, recruitable in Massalia
-Added AOR Scythian Noble Horse Archers (Bosporan campaign only)
-Added Servile War script

XGM Version 5.7.10

-Added six unique temples
-Moved Greek Marines up to Dockyard level
-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 5.7.9

-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 5.7.8

-Added Massalia Campaign
-Revised unit stats

XGM Version 5.7.6-7

-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 5.7.5

-Added Athenian Hoplites, recruitable by the GCS in Athens
-Added Thracian Noble Falxmen

XGM Version 5.7.4

-Added AOR Cappodocian Cavalry, recruitable by Rome, Macedon, GCS, Egypt
-Added Chant ability to Sabaean Temple Guards
-Tweaked archery settings
-Vanilla movement rates used if fatigue is enabled

XGM Version 5.7.3

-Converted Macedonian Light Lancers to Thessalian Cavalry
-Converted Athenian Marine Archers to Greek Marines
-Converted Greek Armoured Cavalry to Noble Cavalry
-Reduced accuracy of all ranged attacks
-Tweaked AI cavalry and missile unit recruitment

XGM Version 5.7.2

-Replaced Greek strat map lesser generals
-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 5.7.1

-Re-skinned Marine Archers
-Minor improvements and bug fixes

XGM Version 5.7.0

-Revised and re-skinned Ptolemaic Roster
-Revised starting regions for Gallic factions
-Added three unique academic buildings
-Added numerous unique temples
-Added AOR Tarantine Cavalry
-Added AOR Nubian Archers
-Re-skinned Numidian Archers
-Re-skinned Iberian Archers

XGM Version 5.6.8-11

-Bug fixes

XGM Version 5.6.7

-Added new model and skin for Greek Hoplites
-Added Spartan Perioici Hoplites (Sparta, pre-Marious only)
-Spartan Perioici Phalangites replace Spartan Phalangites (Sparta , post-Marius only)

XGM Version 5.6.6

-Added "Peace With The Dead" script.

XGM Version 5.6.5

-Added Kestros Slingers, to Macedon
-Added new model and skins for Illyrian Peltasts
-Added new model and skins for Thorakitai
-Added new model and skins for Thureophoroi
-Added new skins for Doryphoroi
-Bug Fixes

XGM Version 5.6.4

-Revised stats for all chariot units
-Chariot units moved to barracks buildings
-Egyptian Scythed Chariots removed
-Bug Fixes

XGM Version 5.6.3

-Added AOR Neuragic Skirmishers? (Corsica and Sardinia)
-Added AOR Neuragic Warriors? (Corsica and Sardinia)
-Added new model and skins for Gastraphetes
-Gastraphetes now recruitable by most Greek factions in Syracuse
-Bug Fixes

XGM Version 5.6.2

-Converted Carthage Rebels to Eastern Kingdoms
-Revised AI starting conditions

XGM Version 5.6.0-1

-Beta versions for 5.6

XGM Version 5.5.19

-Important bug fix for Alexander exe

XGM Version 5.5.18

-Important bug fix for Alexander exe
-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 5.5.17

-Loyalty disabled by default
-Added install option to enable loyalty

XGM Version 5.5.16

-Added new faction selection maps by Warmaster
-Added some new unit cards by Dsturbed
-Added install option to use Alexander exe
-Tweaked AI campign starts for several factions

XGM Version 5.5.15

-German skirmishers converted to javelin/club
-Gallic skirmishers converted to javelin/spear
-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 5.5.14

-Added Slinger Warband to Gauls and Germans
-Added Chosen Slingers to Gauls
-Removed Forester Warband
-Re-skinned German Chosen Archers and converted to Bow/Axe
-Added Berserkers to Gauls
-Revised morale for Iberian units
-Revised AI for Carthage
-Revised AI for Rome

XGM Version 5.5.13

-Added Heavy Spearmen to Gauls and Germans
-Added AOR Galatian Heavy Spearmen
-Split Barbarian AORs into Celtic, Germanic, and Galatian
-Reduced income for Scythia and Parthia
-Improved autocalc performance for horse archers
-Revised starting temples
-Added Buddhist temples
-Added 4th level temples for Barbarian factions
-Added 5th level temples for all Eastern factions
-All temple types now have five levels
-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 5.5.12

-Added new temple descriptions by Suppanut, LucretiusTC, and Archbaker
-Revised starting temples for Scythia, Carthage, Saba, Armenia, Egypt, Rome
-Added Heptere, and Decere to Carthage

XGM Version 5.5.11

-Reduced costs for Archer and Phalanx units
-Minor changes to Baktria campaign

XGM Version 5.5.10

-Added Parthian Companions
-Added Sabaean Light Cavalry
-Minor bg fixes

XGM Version 5.5.9

Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 5.5.8

- Added new monument descriptions
by Balikedes
-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 5.5.7

-Added AOR Thracian Cavalry (recruitable in Thrace, all factions)
-Added AOR Syrian Archers (recruitable in Syria, all factions)
-Added Merchant Marines (mercenaries only, Red Sea regions)
-Added AOR Indian Cavalry (recruitable in India, all factions)
-Re-worked Scythian Light cavalry as javelin/axe skirmishers
-Added half-armoured horse model for elite Greek cavalry units
-Added new skins and models for imitation legionary units

XGM Version 5.5.6

- Revised trade in and around Greece
-Revised Rome and Macedon campaign starts
-Bug fix for problem with minor settlements

XGM Version 5.5.5

- Added Prometheus Cities
-Removed "spear" attribute

XGM Version 5.5.4

- Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 5.5.3

-Gauls (independent) faction added
-Added Gallic Horde when playing Macedon or Thrace
-Thrace converted to barbarian faction
-Thrace recoloured to be slightly less florescent
-Trade re-worked along the silk road, and some steppe areas
-Map and starting diplomacy revised to keep the peace between Parthia and Scythia

XGM Version 5.5.0-2

-Beta versions for 5.5

XGM Version 5.4.3

-Bug fix for RTW version

XGM Version 5.4.2

- Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 5.4.1

-Added Red Sea Axemen
-Added Sabaean Heavy Spearmen
-Added Sabaean Archers
-Added Sabaean Temple Guard
-Added Sabean Heavy Cavalry and new General's Bodyguard
-Added Sabaean Camel Archers
-Added Sabaean War Elephants
-Added Sabaean Chariot Archers
-Added temple of trade for Sabaeans
-Revised trade in and around Arabia
-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 5.4.0

-Alpha version, testing new Sabaean units

XGM Version 5.3.4

-Dacia (formerly Ptolemaic rebels) converted to Sabaeans
-Bactria is now playable
-Removed Loyalty from Seleucids
-Removed Loyalty from Ptolemies
-Added Thebes, Patras, Amphipolis, Ephesus, Cyzicus, Trapezus, Qatarban
-Moved several ports to produce more reasonable trade values
-Cut several under used or island regions
-Arabia Deserta is now uncapturable
-Revised Carthage unit roster
-Revised Iberian unit roster
-Revised Baktrian unit roster
-Revised Horse faction unit rosters (Scythia and Parthia)
-Added many new AOR units

XGM Version 5.3.0-3

-Beta versions

XGM Version 5.2.1

-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 5.2.0

-Cut five regions from the interior of Africa
-Added two regions to the coast of Africa
-Libya Deserta (most of the African Interior) now uncapturable
-Revised starting position for Carthage
-Improved North African Trade
-Reduced farming levels in Iberia
-Removed Carthaginian Levy Phalangites
-Added Poeni Marines to Carthage
-Added AOR Numidian Infantry
-Converted Carthaginian Militia to Phalanx unit

XGM Version 5.1.2

-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 5.1.1

-Added AOR Gaesatae
-Added AOR Thureophoroi
-Added AOR East Hillmen
-Added AOR East Heavy Spearmen
-Minor corrections to AOR recruiting
-Fixed bug in civil war scripts

XGM Version 5.1.0

-Added Indian Ocean and Caspian Sea regions to fix naval AI problems
-Removed Erain and Qatarban regions
-Map fix for several AI path-finding problems
- Added re-coloured skins for Carthage rebels (by Maraxus)
-Added Armour Piercing attribute to slingers
-Minor adjustments to campaign start

XGM Version 5.0.9

-Added East Africa AOR
-Added AOR Nubian Spearmen recruitable by most factions in East Africa
-Added AOR Nubian Cavalry recruitable by most factions in East Africa
-Added AOR Ethiopian Axemen recruitable by most factions in East Africa
-Added Arabia AOR
-Desert Infantry are now recruitable by all factions in Arabia
-Desert Camel Warriors are now recruitable by all factions in Arabia
-Desert Camel Archers are now recruitable by all factions in Arabia
-Picked Rhodian Slingers converted to AOR unit recruitable by all factions in Rhodos
-Picked Cretan Archers converted to AOR unit recruitable by all factions in Crete
-Minor bug fixes, economic changes, and adjustments to auxiliary recruiting

XGM Version 5.0.8

-Fixed desktop shortcut bug that was causing startup ctds
-Minor tweaks to economics

XGM Version 5.0.7

-Added horde ability to Scythians, Parthians, Gauls, and Germans
-Added Barbarian Interface from BI
-Added?culture mechanism using the religion mechanism from BI
-Removed all Peasant units
-Garrison units (Town Watch etc) moved to Government buildings
-Added culture specific Barracks buildings
-Merged most recruitment to Barracks buildings
-Added Auxiliary Barracks
-AOR units moved to Auxiliary Barracks
-Hippodrome and Circus maximus are now Roman only entertainment buildings
-Catapult Range and Siege Engineer now recruit Siege Weapons only
-Added Grain Exports building to certain regions
-Merged Macedonian and Greek Heavy cavalry units
-Removed Scorpions

XGM Version 5.0.0-6b

-Beta versions

XGM Version 4.2.9

-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 4.2.8

-Added AOR Baktrian Horse Archers (recruitable by all factions in Bactria)
-Added AOR? Baktrian Archers (recruitable by all factions in Bactria)
-Added sprites for GCS and Seleucid rebels
-Tweaked starting positions for Gauls and Germans
-Tweaked Bactrian and Indian recruitment areas

XGM Version 4.2.7

-Added javelins to Hillmen
-Added heavy javelins to Hypaspists
-Revised costs for Peltasts and Heavy Peltasts
-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 4.2.6

-Changed Heavy Peltasts to javelin/spear unit
-Added Heavy Peltasts to Macedon and Seleucids
-Renamed Heavy Peltasts to Thureophoroi
-Added heavy javelins to Thorakitai
-Re-named Thureophoroi to Doryphoroi
-Added re-coloured skins for GCS and Seleucid rebels (by Maraxus)

XGM Version 4.2.5

-Improved "Force Diplomacy" script
-Re-skinned Legionary Cavalry
-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 4.2.4

-Added new victory conditions for most factions
-Added "Force Diplomacy" script

XGM Version 4.2.3

-Added script to spawn garrisons when rebel faction replaces parent faction

XGM Version 4.2.2

-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 4.2.1

-Rebalanced "Seige of Sparta" historic battle

XGM Version 4.2.0 (beta version)

-Loyalty activated for Carthage
-Numidia converted to Carthage rebel faction
-Carthage and Numidia unit rosters merged
-Added install option to make?Seleucid rebels playable as Baktria
-Added install option to reduce AI economic bonuses
-Added scripts to spawn extra stacks when cities rebel to rebel factions

XGM Version 4.1.19

-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 4.1.18

-Re-skinned GCS Levy Phalangites
-Re-skinned GCS Phalangites
-Re-skinned GCS Armoured Phalangites
-Minor formation tweaks
-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 4.1.17

-Greek formation changes
-Phalangite formation and stat changes
-Phalangites now use longer pikes
-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 4.1.16

-Fix for Battle Editor

XGM Version 4.1.15

-Re-skinned Carthaginian Sacred Band
-Re-skinned Basilikon Guard
-Re-skinned AOR Hoplites
-Viking temple now obsolete
-Temple of Woden converted to violence
-Temple of Donar converted to forge

XGM Version 4.1.14

-Some unit stat tweaks
-Updated sprites

XGM Version 4.1.13

-Added AOR Dacian Falxmen (recruitable by Barbarian factions in Dacia)
-Added Hundredmen Hall (level 4 barracks) to Germans and Gauls
-Re-named Chosen Axemen to Double-handed Axemen
-Moved Berserkers to?level 4 barracks
-Added new?Chosen Axemen unit to Germans
-Removed Naked Fanatics from Iberians and Germans
-Re-named Naked Fanatics to Gaesatae
-Moved Gaesatae to level 3 barracks
-Moved Chosen Swordsmen to level 4 barracks -Iberian Infantry re-named to Caetratii
-Round Shield Cavalry converted to light lancers

XGM Version 4.1.12

-Added Noble Cavalry to Iberia
-Added Royal Stables to Iberia
-Added Scythian Cataphracts to Scythia
-Scythian Early Generals now use Scythian Lancers
-Scythian Late Generals now use Scythian Cataphracts
-Added Royal Stables to? Scythia
-Added Militia Cavalry to Thrace
-Removed Light Cavalry from Thrace
-Moved Thracian Cavalry to Cavalry Barracks
-Added?Heavy Cavalry to Thrace
-Added Noble Cavalry to Thrace
-Added Megas Hippodromos to Thrace

XGM Version 4.1.11

-Converted Noble Cavalry to Heavy Cavalry
-Converted Gothic Cavalry to Noble Cavalry
-Added Noble Cavalry to Gauls
-Added Royal Stables to Gauls
-Bug fixes

XGM Version 4.1.10

-Added Large Cities for Barbarians
-Added Stone Walls for Barbarians
-Added Dockyards for Barbarians
-Added Guildhall for Barbarians
-Added Cesspit and Cesspool for Barbarians
- Added Hundredmen Hall for Iberia
-Iberian Bull Warriors moved to Army Barracks
- Added Royal Cavalry Stables for Germans
-Gothic cavalry moved to Royal Stables
-Added Agema Hypaspists to Macedon
-Updated Darth Formations
-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 4.1.9

-Added install warning for wrong location
-Added install warning for wrong version
-Added Archers to Iberia
-Changed Iberian Infantry to Town Watch level unit
-Removed City Militia from Iberia
-Moved Scutarii to Militia Barracks
-Changed starting conditions for Iberia
-Changed starting conditions for Scythia
-Minor changes to starting conditions for other factions
-Added various cognomen for Romans (titles like "Africanus" etc.)

XGM Version 4.1.8

-Added install option for fatigue setting
-Added install option for Europe to Asia Minor Landbridge
-Added install option for Darth Formations
-Added throwing axes to German Nightraiders
-Added new victory conditions for Seleucids
-Added new victory conditions for Carthage
-Added Darth Vader's charge distance and attack delay settings
-Minor Bug Fixes

XGM Version 4.1.7

-Added AOR Bactrian Cavalry (recruitable by all factions in Bactria)
-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 4.1.6

-Added AOR Woad Warriors (recruitable by all factions in Briton)
-Some changes to rebel starting forces
-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 4.1.5

-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 4.1.4

-Added Modding Legions skins (by ferres, Pinarius, GODzilla, and others)
-Reskinned Eastern Horse Archers
-Reskinned Cataphract Archers
-Added larger sword to Persian Cavalry and Cataphract Archers

XGM Version 4.1.3

-Fixed CTD on second battle, related to sprites
-Custom and Historical battles now work with BI-XGM (thanks Maced0n!)
-Tweaked Persian Cavalry stats

XGM Version 4.1.2

-Added ATGs Greek Generals and General's Horse
-Added Cataphract Camels to Seleucids and Seleucid Rebels
-Added Cataphract Archers to Parthia
-Added Cataphract Camel Archers to Parthia
-Improved Parthia's starting conditions
-Added new victory conditions for Parthia

XGM Version 4.1.1

-Tweaks to Seleucid and eastern faction starting conditions

XGM Version 4.1.0

-Old saved games will not work
-Britons converted to Seleucid rebels
-Dacia converted to Ptolemaic rebels
-Loyalty activated for Seleucids and Ptolemies
-Added AOR?Indian Spearmen (recruitable by all factions in India)
-Added AOR?Indian Longbowmen (recruitable by all factions in India)
-Added AOR?Indian War Elephants (recruitable by all factions in India)
-Added Javelin Chariots to Gauls
-Changed starting provinces for Parthia
-Changed starting provinces for Numidia
-Moved Urban Cohorts back to Imperial Barracks

XGM Version 4.0.14

-More tweaks to starting conditions
-First Cohorts moved to Imperial Baracks
-Urban Cohorts moved to Army Baracks
-Land Bridge from Greece to Asia Minor added

XGM Version 4.0.13

-Minor tweaks to starting conditions

XGM Version 4.0.12

-Added ATG's Bronze Spartans (Royal Guard)
-Fix for crash in 130 BC

XGM Version 4.0.11

-Added Peltasts to Parthia
-Adjusted campaign start for Pontus, Armenia, and Parthia

XGM Version 4.0.10

-Added Hepteres and Deceres to Ptolemies
-Removed grain resources (new campaigns only)
-Limited construction of farms in desert regions
-Adjusted some economic bonuses
-Fixed CTD in 177 BC

XGM Version 4.0.9

-Added Grain Imports
-Added temple of Thoth to Ptolemies
-Forest elephants restricted to Africa
-Added mercenary gladiators
-Tweaked some building bonuses and AI economic bonuses
-Two serious bug fixes, and one minor bug fix

XGM Version 4.0.8

-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 4.0.7

-Added Founding monument buildings (AI economic bonuses)
-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 4.0.6

-Map changed to Mundus Magnus 3.0
-Rome unified, Senate eliminated
-Loyalty activated for Romans and the Greek City States
-Scipii converted to Roman rebels
-Brutii converted to Greek rebels
-Extensive economic changes
-Add Darth Formations to Extras
-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 4.0.0b-4.0.5b

-Beta versions, testing loyalty

XGM Version 3 Final

The final version of XGM 3. Includes some bug fixes.

XGM Version 3.6.13

- Added AOR Galatian Swordsmen (recruitable by most factions in Galatia)
-Corrected some legion names on Mundus Magnus map
-Corrected Egyptian Large temple of Aphrodite name

XGM Version 3.6.12

-Added named legions

XGM Version 3.6.11

-Barbarian and Steppe AOR units added to Mundus Magnus
-Carthaginian Levy Phalangites moved up to City Barracks in Italy

XGM Version 3.6.10

-Added Barbarian Cavalry to Britons
-Added Archer Warband to Britons
-Added Archer Warband to Gauls
-Added Archer Warband to Germans
-Removed British Light Chariots
-Armed British Heavy Chariot crew with javelins
-Corrected some errors in Iberian recruiting
-Added Aqueduct to Carthage and Ptolemies
-Added Sewers and Baths to Eastern Factions
-Forge now requires an Iron resource in the same province

XGM Version 3.6.9

-Revised four historical battles for XGM

XGM Version 3.6.8

-Added lighting to city windows at night (only if you have BI installed)
-Added swiming ability to several light cavalry units
-Added power charge to all spear armed cataphract and armoured horse units

XGM Version 3.6.7

-Added Late Poeni Infantry
-Added Late Scutarii
-Added AOR Italic Legionaries (recruitable by all civilised factions in Italy)
-Added AOR Horse Archers (recruitable by most factions in eastern Barbarian regions)
-Added AOR Barbarian Infantry?(recruitable by all factions in western Barbarian regions )
-Added AOR Barbarian Cavalry ( recruitable by all factions in western Barbarian regions )
-Increased unit size of Desert Infantry, decreased morale
-Moved Desert Infantry to Barracks
-Decreased morale of many AOR/mercenary units by 2
-Reduced recruiting costs of many Barbarian units
-Increased Barbarian starting populations on vanilla map
-Increased defense of all units by 2
-Increased defense of spear units by additional 2
-Decreased lethality of spear units from 0.74 to 0.64
-Decreased lethality of phalanx units from 0.9 to 0.64
-Increased attack of phalangite and elite phalangite units by 2
-Phalanx units now suffer high penalties in scrub and forest
-General units now only 1 hitpoint, but defense and armour increased by 2
-Decreased range of elite archer units to 150, Gastraphetes to 170
-Decreased range of elite slinger units to 100
-Removed Elephant resource from Media on vanilla map
-Changed requirements for Alexander traits
-Temple bonuses extensively revised
-Javelin and Pilae speeds reduced
-Movement rates reduced from 80% to 70% of vanilla

XGM Version 3.6.6

-Added Thracian Thorakitai
-Added Thracian Peltasts
-Added Thracian Cavalry
-Reskined Thracian Falxmen
-Reskined Thracian Early Bodyguard
-Converted Thracian Late Bodyguard to Scythian Lancers
-Reskined Thracian Noble Cavalry
-Reskined and modified Bastarne
-Removed Bastarne from Thrace
-Removed Greek Peltasts from Thrace
-Removed Militia Cavalry from Thrace
-Replaced Thracian Mercenaries with Thracian Peltasts
-Added AOR Thracian Peltasts (recruitable by all factions in Thrace)
-Added AOR Cilician Pirates ( recruitable by all factions in Cilicia)
-Added AOR Median Cavalry? ( recruitable by all factions in Media)
-Added AOR Greek Mercenaries ( recruitable by all factions in Hellenic regions)
-Added AOR Scutarii? ( recruitable by all factions in Iberia)
-Converted remaining mercenaries to use slave skins
-Updated sprites

XGM Version 3.6.5

-Added unique victory conditions for Mundus Magnus map
-Updated some faction maps
-Added in game victory condition maps
-Fixed minor UI error

XGM Version 3.6.4

-Fatigue is switched off by default
-Added Ptolemaic Hetairoi/Companions
-Reskined Greek Armoured cavalry
-Reskined Macedonian and Seleucid Hetairoi/Companions
-Reskined Late Greek Generals
-Renamed Roman Town Watch to Vigiles

XGM Version 3.6.3

-Mundus Magnus campaigns now start with increased populations
-Screeching Women removed
-AP attribute added to all axe units
-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 3.6.2

-All temples can be upgraded by all factions
-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 3.6.1

-Added Unified Rome provincial campaign
-"Italian" units re-named to "Italic"
-Spartan Phalangites moved back to Army Barracks
-Greek Sacred Band moved to Royal Barracks
-Minor bug fixes

XGM Version 3.6.0

-Egypt re-named to the Ptolemaic Empire
-Ethiopian Axemen added to Ptolemies
-Agema Axemen added to Ptolemies
-Basilikon Guard added to Ptolemies
-Desert Axemen removed
-Various Ptolemaic units re-skinned and re-named
-Iberian Spearmen added
-Silk Road added
-All civilised factions can now build highways along the Silk Road
-Caravans added to all civilised factions
-Caravans limited to eastern regions
-Royal Barracks adeded to GCS, Carthage, Ptolemies
-Spartan Phalangites moved to Royal Barracks.
-Carthaginian Sacred Band moved to Royal Barracks.
-Dockyards added to Ptolemies
-Macedonian and Thracian Illyrians removed
-Added AOR Illyrians (recruitable by all factions in Illyria)
-Added AOR Italian Infantry (recruitable by most factions in Italy)
-Added AOR Desert Infantry (recruitable by most factions in Africa)
-Added AOR Numidian Cavalry (recruitable by most factions in Africa)
-Added AOR Eastern Infantry (recruitable by most factions in the East)

XGM Version 3.5.3

-Added recruitable generals
-Replaced Eastern watch towers with Roman style
-Morale for elephant units increased slightly
-Iberian infantry recruiting corrected for Spain
-Spanish generals corrected
-Added corrected custom locations file for Mundus Magnus

XGM Version 3.5.2

-Disabled gladiator uprising (it's bugged)
-Enabled editable settlement names by default
-Changed unit voice for Italian Mercenaries
-Changed Britons starting position
-Slightly improved Seleucid starting settlements
-Shield wall removed from Thureophoroi, added to Thorakitai
-Phalangites above levy level recruitable in Hellenic regions only
-Slings can not be upgraded
-Archer units attack slightly reduced
-Cavalry unit size reduced
-Various tweaks and minor bug fixes

XGM Version 3.5.1

-Added BI-XGM in Extras
-Various XGM bug fixes

XGM Version 3.5

-Added SignifierOne's animation pack
-Added Archer's Skymod
-Regular Hypaspists reverted to javelin/sword
-Corinthian Hypaspists replaced with Sacred Band
-Carthaginian Sacred? Band reskined
-Sacred Band Units are now, over-hand, spear only, "hoplites"
-Companions/Immortals added to Parthia
-Spartan Royal Guard added
-Early legionaries removed
-Urban Cohort converted to garrison unit
-Corinth now starts as Macedonian
-Various features added to MM-XGM
-Various XGM and RTW bug fixes

XGM Version 3.4.2

-Fixed night battles
-Corrected Libyan Spearmen recruiting
-Minor corrections and tweaks
-Added Mundus Magnus installer

XGM Version 3.4.1

-Updated to work with 1.5/1.6 patches
-Removed Thessalian Cavalry
-Added Greek Armoured Cavalry
-Added Levy Phalangites to Egypt
-Added Militia Phalangites to GCS
-Increased size of GCS phalanx units
-Added AOR for elite phalanx units
-Removed land bridges from default install
-Tweaked various unit costs and stats

XGM Version 3.4

-All pike formations now use the same pike length
-Revised Carthaginian recruiting, added mercenaries and levy pike
-Added Levy Pikemen to Thrace
-Hypaspists and Sacred Band now use spears/swords
-Added Forest and War Elephants to Numidia
-Changed Cathaginian starting position
-Changed Britons starting position
-Removed Militia Hoplites

XGM Version 3.3.4

-Macedon symbol changed to Vergina Sun
-Macedon and Seleucids can now build temple of Poseidon
-Script added to spawn GCS subfaction leader for Syracuse
-GCS can now build temple of Artemis
-All Roman factions can now recruit Arcani
-Epic Stone Walls (mostly) removed
-Hidden AI General bonus trait added (new campaigns only)
-All factions playable except Senate and Slaves
-Minor UI changes

XGM Version 3.3.3

-Armoured Hoplites re-skinned
-Greek Cavalry re-skinned
-Greek Peltasts and some similar units now use javelin for melee as well as throwing
-Militia Cavalry and some similar units now use javelin for melee as well as throwing
-Error in some RTW peltast skins corrected
-Cavalry units re-balanced, most are now a little weaker

XGM Version 3.3.2

-Egyptian units brought into line with other successor states
-Changed some unit masses
-Minor XGM and RTW bug fixes

XGM Version 3.3.1

-Corrected dead sea area of map
-Recruiting and cost changes for balance
-Minor bug and typo fixes
-Minor UI Changes

XGM Version 3.3

-Added two new land bridges to Rhodes and Salamis
-Added balancing script
-Added sub-faction leaders for GCS
-Changed GCS and Macedon starting positions
-Added Gastraphetes
-Reduced size and increased cost of new heavy infantry units
-Minor UI changes

XGM Version 3.2.3

-XGM bug fix, new Spartans now recruitable
-XGM bug fix, Thessalians now recruitable in Larissa
-Land Bridges Added

XGM Version 3.2.2

-Added War Elephants to Armenia and Egypt
-Added Early Legionaries to Seleucids
-All new units now have sprites
-Minor changes to some skins, unit cards, and descriptions
-Some changes to unit stats
-Marius event now required for all copy legionaries

XGM Version 3.2.1

-XGM bug fix for Rhodian Slingers
-Night battles improved (lighting and torches)
-Minor updates to some units cards.

XGM Version 3.2

-Minor XGM and RTW bug fixes
-Reverted to limited temple ownership for Greek factions
-Added movement(-20%)/morale(+2)/killrate(-10%) mod
-Added weather mod (minor)
-Added night battles
-Added several new Greek traits
-Added slingers to Roman, Greek and Eastern factions
-Added archers to Carthage
-Added Eastern Heavy Infantry to Pontus and Parthia
-Changed Eastern Heavy Infantry to non-phlanax spear
-Changed all non-phalanx spear units to size 60 (except Triarii)
-Added Thureophoroi to GCS, Macedon, and Seleucids
-Added Thorakitai to GCS, Macedon, and Seleucids
-Added Spear Warband to Thrace
-Moved all javelin units to baracks
-Reduced number of mercs available in Greece
-Increased mercs available in Africa
-Triarii recruitable with city barracks
-All Hypaspists are now sword/javelin
-Corinthians reduced to 1 hp, cost also reduced
-Other minor unit tweaks

XGM Version 3.1.1

-Fix for missing events and mercenary files

XGM Version 3.1

-Reworked to use the -mod switch
-Fixed some XGM/1.3 conficts including one CTD
-Fixed some minor RTW bugs
-Victory conditions now use descr_win_conditions.txt
-Greek factions can now build all Greek temples
-Roman factions can now build all Roman temples
-Weather mod removed
-War Elephants for Pontus added
-Cretan Archers for Seleucids added
-Recruitment for Athenian Marine archers changed
-Removed all factions except Greek + Pontus

XGM Version 3.0

-Mod redone from scratch for 1.3 patch
-no new features, some features dropped

XGM Version 2.2.1

-Minor bug fixes.

XGM Version 2.2

-Added AnastasioTheGreat's Spartans
-Added Athenian Marine Archers.
-Added new victory conditions.
-Hypaspists are now more heavily armoured.
-Changed Roman recruiting.
-Moved Marius reforms forward 20 years.
-Sarmatian Mercenaries get heavier armour.
-Removed pigs and dogs.
-Major bug fix for Priest of Apollo ancillary.
-Many new fixes for vanilla RTW bugs.

XGM Version 2.1.2

-Added files to integrate Mundus Magnus.
-Added ancillaries for all Greek temples..
-Added two new optional Spartan skins.
-Revised many character trait triggers.
- Legendary Conqueror requirements reduced.

XGM Version 2.1.1

-Added Greek walls for Greek ports.
-Added meh_cd's? Spartan skin and model.
-Added some optional Spartan skins.

XGM Version 2.1

-Re-organised temples.
-Added new high level naval units.
-New units now have correct voices.
-Added Thracian Noble Cavalry.
-Added Scorpions for the Greek Cities.
-Included all community bug fixes.

XGM Version 2.0

-Added Greek unit names.
-Added non-mercenary Cretan Archers to Macedon.
-Added non-mercenary Illyrians to Macedon and Thrace.
-Increased javelin range, and added armour piercing attribute.
-Small moral increase for all units.
-Small movement decrease for all units.
-Small lethality decrease for all units.

MGM Version 1.3

-All Greek factions now get the improved bodyguard units.
-All Greek factions now get Greek Biremes and triremes.
-Macedonians now get elephants and hypaspists.
-Macedonian royal pikemen replaced with Foot Companions.
-All Greek factions now get a full range of siege units.
-Added Krypteia unit.
-Added "Legendary Conqueror" set of traits.
-Removed races.
-Added drama contests to Greek theatres.
-Added some maps and descriptions to the faction selection screen.

MGM Version 1.2

-Added Greek heavy cavalry.
-Changed general bodyguards.
-Add new ship units.
-Changed skins for Thessalians and hypaspists.
-Added some new Greek character traits.

MGM Version 1.1

-Re-worked and re-skinned hypaspists.
-Re-worked Corinthians as hypaspists.
-Eliminated Athenian hoplites.
-Added repeating ballistas.
-Greek factions can now hold races at hippodrome and above.
-Changed more formations to eliminate gaps.
-Some new unit descriptions and UI stuff.
-Small tweaks to unit stats for balance.

MGM Version 1.0

-Added Elephants.
-Added Greek specific Rhodians and Cretans, instead of mercs.
-Re-worked Thessalians.
-Small tweaks to AI.
-Changes to temples.
-Royal stables buildable by Greek Cities.

MGM Version 0.9

First release.